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CE Workshop | Yoga and Student Athletes

with Shea Gardner (RYT 200). This workshop is all about creating a Culture for Student Athletes rather than a simple yoga class. Sports builds resilience, just like yoga. Learn how to leverage this connection and build a framework between the two supporting awareness, teamwork, compassion, and mobility both on and off the playing field.

CE Workshop Series | From Doing Yoga to Being Yoga: Embodying Three Sacred Teachings of Our Tradition, Harnessing the Power of Prana

with Barrie Risman (E-RYT 500, YACEP). We can "do" yoga for years, but it's only when we infuse our practice with the wisdom of the tradition that we fully embody yoga's transformative power. This is when we go from simply doing yoga to being yoga. Inspired by her best-selling book, Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice, this three-part series explores powerful and foundational understandings that will unlock greater meaning for your practice and teaching, and profoundly shift the way you approach and share yoga. Each session includes contemplative inquiry, meditation and breath work practices, and concrete, practical ways to bring the wisdom of yoga into your classes. This event focuses specifically on the power of prana.

Master Class | Creating Space for Deaf Yoga

with Beatrice Bachleda (E-RYT 200, RYT 500). As a Deaf yoga teacher, Master Class presenter Beatrice Bachleda understood that making yoga accessible to the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities is not as simple as just translating yoga cues into American Sign Language (ASL). Deaf yoga is about maximizing space, intentional demonstration, and building relationships. It depends on understanding how d/Deaf individuals move through the world and experiences. Join Beatrice in a yoga class taught entirely in ASL and learn the importance of supporting a Deaf space for yoga. Interpreters will be provided. All are welcome!

CE Workshop | 4 Simple Exercises for Pranayama

with Rubén Vásquez (E-RYT 500, YACEP). Enrich your practice and teaching with enjoyable and logical Pranayama exercises. Guided by Patanjali's sutras, this workshop playfully explores a set of accessible and practical breathing exercises that develop sensitivity to the nuances of inhalation, exhalation, and basic retention. These simple exercises can be taught as an introduction to Pranayama for beginner yoga students, and even seasoned yoga practitioners are often surprised by the effectiveness of this approach. Get ready to fall in love with your breath! Please note: This workshop previously took place in Spanish. You can view the Spanish recording by finding Yoga Alliance on YouTube or visiting yourya.org.

CE Workshop | Experiential Anatomy of the Hips and Pelvis

with Erin Ehlers (E-RYT 500, YACEP). This experiential class introduces simple exercises that explain the movements of the hips and pelvis, enhance your understanding of their role in body strength, and clarify how to cultivate useful mobility. These movements will work wonderfully in yoga classes as smaller components to bigger poses.

CE Workshop | The Gift of Radical Vision: Practice for True Freedom

with Dr. Stacie CC Graham, Jonelle Lewis, Leila Sadeghee, and Kallie Schut. This asana practice re-frames your orientation to help you SEE how you can make choices to uplift and support ALL people, especially those who have been marginalized. Practice in a way to see yourself as a part of a collective and to honor the indigenous roots of the tradition that has given us all so much.

CE Workshop | Sustainable Studios

with Annelise Lonidier (E-RYT 500, YAEP). It's been over a year since many of us closed our doors due to COVID-19 and wondered, "will yoga studios ever rise again?", and we aren't alone. Simply Google "death of boutique fitness" and you'll find tons of articles predicting an end to physical yoga spaces. Yet here we are. If you feel overwhelmed and a bit worn out, that's normal—but it doesn't have to be permanent! Learn five keys to building a sustainable studio post-pandemic and how this contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

CE Workshop | Compassionate Cueing

with Nick de Alejo and Ashton Antoine (RYT 200). Compassionate cueing explores how intention and empathy help create safe and inclusive spaces. Cueing is a key tool for yoga teaching and can be broken down into different components and perspectives. This workshop helps participants develop an understanding of how compassion can show up in teaching and practice.

CE Workshop | Mantra Mālā – Mantra as Prānāyāma, Part 3

with Mirabelle D'Cunha. Traditionally in India, mantra is the first introduction and practice of pranayama. In each Mantra Mālā offering, yoga lovers will befriend a Sanskrit Saṃskṛtá alphabet in its physical form, learn how it sounds, and what the esoteric significance of the alphabet is. We will also look at how it occurs in a few familiar yoga words. Learn a mantra and how to chant it with correct Vedic intonation, so the sound strikes in the body and energetically precisely where it should, bringing the visceral magic and abundance of this practice alive.

CE Workshop | How to Successfully Host a Yoga Retreat

with Sheri Colosimo (E-RYT 200, YACEP). Interested in leading a yoga retreat? Sheri Colosimo shares her strategy for planning a stress-free experience. Walk away with a Retreat Planning Workbook including a sample budget template and a list of venues to kickstart your dream to retreat.

CE Workshop | Yoga for Young Athletes

with Nick de Alejo and Aaron Scott. Nick and Aaron of Men Care Now, discuss the Yoga for Young Athletes program designed to help yoga teachers communicate and integrate yoga into sports and recovery programs for youth. The conversation also illuminates the benefits of teaching yoga to youth, including how to deliver and structure a class.

CE Workshop | Creating Welcoming Spaces for Folks with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

with Mary Medellin Sims (RYT 500). Discover how to cultivate an environment of compassion where people of all abilities are seen, heard, and validated. Presenter Mary Medellin Sims discusses her nonprofit, Guided by Humanity and provides tools to better support folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Understand the barriers to access and become familiar with appropriate language, acknowledging trauma within the disability community, leaning into non-attachment while teaching, and adapting to varying physical disabilities.