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These events are built around Yoga Alliance standards and offer RYTs Continuing Education credit. We are proud to offer these workshops as a direct service to members. We will also offer a monthly Master Class on topics that include yoga techniques, training, and practice, yoga humanities, professional essentials, and anatomy. 

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CE Workshop | A Journey in Sanskrit, Part 1: Understanding the Basics

Prashant Joshi & Manju Joshi

Deepen your understanding of the language of yoga—Samskrutam, or Sanskrit. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced teacher, this workshop series is for you. We will discuss the relevance of Samskrutam for both yoga teachers and practitioners, as well as how to grow in your own practice and teaching. In the first of this 3-part journey, you will learn:

· The historic evolution of Samskrutam and why it is an integral part of yogic learning
· The rich vowels and consonants of Samskrutam
· Structure and correct pronunciation

CE Workshop | Does Yoga Come From the Vedas?

Daniel Simpson

What does it mean to say that yoga has Vedic roots? The Vedas are India's oldest sacred texts, but their earliest mantras don't mention yoga as we've come to know it. The first description of yoga as a meditative discipline is found in the Upaniṣads; these philosophical texts are also part of the Vedic tradition, but they share a new worldview. In this workshop, Daniel Simpson will explore this distinction and why it matters. In the process, you will learn:

· How yoga began outside the Vedic mainstream, yet drew on Vedic ideas
· Why early yoga was not about action, but focused instead on renunciation
· What links the liberating insights of early practitioners to modern forms yoga