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SOULFest NYC, Presented by Yoga Alliance

Hudson River Park's Pier 64 at 24th Street

Inspired by the people and culture of New York City, SoulFest was born in 2015 in Harlem. SOULFest centers inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility, celebrating and uplifting the rich culture of local communities. Join us for a day of yoga and wellness packed with back-to-back presenters leading classes, talks, and workshops. This event is free and open to all.

Bridging the Gap between Yoga and Mental Health | A Cross-Sector Community Conversation

Misa Kishi, Justin Ifill, Ruth Rosenbaum, & Laura Staton

Yoga is widely known as a healing practice and has been long called upon as a non-pharmaceutical solution to many health conditions. Often, new yoga practitioners come to the practice to relieve chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and many other ailments, including mental health conditions. At the same time, many may not recognize yoga as an option for mental health support or emotional relief.

Given the heightened challenges we're experiencing in society today, many are wondering what we can really do to support mental health in the United States.

This event brings together leaders from caring professions for a candid conversation on unique and creative approaches to mental health care. Join them as they explore cross-sector collaborations and opportunities to remove barriers to accessing effective mental and emotional support.

Understanding and Combating Mental Health Stigma Around the World

Mme. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau & Jessi Wolz

One of the greatest barriers to receiving quality mental health care for individuals around the world is the pervasive stigma associated with mental illness. Join Richard Lui as he hosts a discussion with two leaders in the fight against mental health stigma: Mme. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Jessi Wolz of the organization RefuSHE. We will examine:

· What mental health stigma looks like around the world, and within various communities
· How de-stigmatizing mental illness can support individuals' decision to seek help
· How yoga professionals can de-stigmatize mental health in their classes and daily lives

CE Workshop | A Journey in Sanskrit, Part 1: Understanding the Basics

Prashant Joshi & Manju Joshi

Deepen your understanding of the language of yoga—Samskrutam, or Sanskrit. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced teacher, this workshop series is for you. We will discuss the relevance of Samskrutam for both yoga teachers and practitioners, as well as how to grow in your own practice and teaching. In the first of this 3-part journey, you will learn:

· The historic evolution of Samskrutam and why it is an integral part of yogic learning
· The rich vowels and consonants of Samskrutam
· Structure and correct pronunciation

CE Workshop | Does Yoga Come From the Vedas?

Daniel Simpson

What does it mean to say that yoga has Vedic roots? The Vedas are India's oldest sacred texts, but their earliest mantras don't mention yoga as we've come to know it. The first description of yoga as a meditative discipline is found in the Upaniṣads; these philosophical texts are also part of the Vedic tradition, but they share a new worldview. In this workshop, Daniel Simpson will explore this distinction and why it matters. In the process, you will learn:

· How yoga began outside the Vedic mainstream, yet drew on Vedic ideas
· Why early yoga was not about action, but focused instead on renunciation
· What links the liberating insights of early practitioners to modern forms yoga